Where Six Months Finds Us

As I sit here and type this post, I am almost in near denial that we have been traveling for six months. If it weren’t for the albums of photographs I keep organized on my computer then I would likely believe that everything we have experienced over the past few months has only been a dream. A really good one. The kind of dream where you feel upset from waking up from too early.

Luckily for us, this isn’t a dream; it’s real life.

Um, this sunset feels like a dream.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to say here. Like, how much reflecting do I want to do? There are a lot of new things that have been on my mind in terms of travel, such as what it means to be a responsible tourist and keep my moral compass straight, and what it means to me to to be born in a developed nation with limitless opportunities. Because it’s in this place, where the distribution of wealth has never been so starkly obvious, that I find myself feeling particualry insightful. I don’t want any person or any animal to suffer at my expense or in the name of tourism. There is so much to say on these subjects, but I just cannot find the right words to describe how I feel about them without stepping on too many toes.

Animals for use in the tourism industry is a perfect example. Did you know that riding an elephant is harmful? That's why you should just feed them fruit instead :)
Animals for use in the tourism industry is a perfect example. Did you know that by riding an elephant you are contributing to harmful practices? That’s why you should just feed them fruit instead 🙂

So Let’s Keep It Simple, For Now

So for the sake of not writing a novel in one post, I’ll keep it simple, change the subject, and just explain what has been going on in our neck of the woods.

Six months on the road has found us in a very good place. We are feeling incredibly happy and excited for what the future holds.

You may recall our post about what our life was like at the three month mark. We were feeling euphoric, having touched down in the dreamland that is New Zealand. Our time spent there was nothing short of incredible.

After New Zealand, we touched down in Vietnam and were greeted with the chaos that is Hanoi. Even though we had visited this city before, we found it quite difficult to assimilate back into real life on the Southeast Asia backpacking trail.

How I felt about spending two months in the sweltering heat
How I felt about spending two months in the sweltering heat

We struggled quite a bit those first few weeks in Vietnam. It seemed like everyone we encountered just wanted make a buck off of us. The weather was crappy. We were tired and behind on lots of “administrative” tasks.

We strongly debated buying a plane ticket to Japan. I cannot tell you how many times we looked up airfare and went over the pros and cons of blowing our budget (Japan is very expensive). In the end, we decided not to. We decided to stick it out and complete our circuit of Southeast Asia. Even though we weren’t very excited about it, we knew we could survive the next two months.


After that low point, things really started to get better. For starters, the country of Laos really took us by surprise. We were kind of expecting it to be like Vietnam (which we didn’t quite love) or Cambodia (which we loved even less). But it wasn’t like either of those countries; No, it had its own thing going for it with its own culture and food and customs and beautiful scenery. And we liked what we saw.

Like these waterfalls... Why, hello, Laos!
Like these waterfalls… Why, hello, Laos!

After spending 12 days in Laos, we decided that Southeast Asia was really redeeming itself. After Laos, we flew into Northern Thailand, and again, were taken by surprise. The locals have been really kind and there are plenty of activities that interest us to keep us occupied. Thailand has been good to us so far.

And now here we are, living our island dream. You know how much we love the tropics, and were so looking forward to beachin’ it in Southern Thailand. We have eight nights of beachy bliss and so far it has not disappointed us.

Mhmm, 8 nights of this.
Mhmm, 8 nights of this.

The Future Is Looking Bright

We are so excited for the next few months. I mean, so, so, so excited. For starters, after our beach time in Thailand we fly to Penang, Malaysia. Um, hello food capital. We don’t know much about malay cuisine, but we what have tried we love.

Also, the final countdown for Africa has commenced. Like, whoa. We are going to Africa in 11 days! The thought of it fills me with so many emotions; I’m both excited and nervous at the same time. We will be on a 35-day safari and camping in a tent for over a month. We will have extended contact with other humans for a month. This could be interesting…

Our we're-so-excited-we're-going-to-Africa! face
Our we’re-so-excited-we’re-going-to-Africa! face

After Africa, we fly into London at the end of June. Once we hit Europe, we hit the ground running with a whistle-stop tour on the continent. So much of it is still unplanned, but the best parts are planned and important accommodation is booked. What are the best parts of the Europe leg? Well, we are meeting up with family and friends FOUR times! Yes!

And then, finally, we fly home. We fly back to Florida from Paris on August 25. And yes, we will be ready at that point.

These last few months hold so much goodness that I think I might burst with excitement. And now, it’s time to get back to island time!


Oh, We Have a Blog?

We seemed to have forgotten that we manage a blog to keep our devoted readers (all three of you) up to date on our lives and where we currently are in the world.

Fear not fellow friends, because we are back in the land of decent wifi and might actually be able to post more frequently. But first, let’s get you caught up on our latest travel adventures.

Beautiful Mai Tai Bay in the North Island, NZ
Beautiful Mai Tai Bay in the North Island, NZ

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Budget Recap: Bali, Indonesia

Please note: this post was drafted before we uprooted our plans and decided not to spend the five months in SE Asia.


Out of the familiar and into the unknown, we left the comforts (and relative price tag) of the western world and ventured into Bali. We have been to Asia before and were pleased with how strong the dollar was, so naturally we planned on spending the majority of our time again in the world of cheep beers and food. Bali is the place where serious budget backpackers compete with guests of $8000 per night hotels for taxis. We are somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. Okay, who are we kidding, we are totally at the lower end!

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Budget Recap: Australia


As you may have read in an earlier blog post, we came in amazingly under budget for our two awesome weeks in New Zealand. We spent most of that time in a small van, eating ramen and campground meals. Would Australia be the same? Would road tripping up the eastern coast of one of the largest countries in the world break the budget and ruin our hopes of a $100/day average? Lets find out!

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It’s Not Goodbye, It’s See You Later 

It has been a whirlwind two weeks of saying goodbye. From long dinners with old friends to game nights with coworkers to an early thanksgiving with family, there is nothing like leaving the country and finding out just how much you are loved by those you have spent your life with.
We have been overwhelmed in the best way possible by the outpouring of love that has come from every nook and cranny in our life.

We would like to extend a sincere thank you to our friends and family who have graciously hosted our going away parties. They were all so lovely. We would like to say thank you to our friends in Orlando, the Garretts, who opened their homes to us the night before we departed. And, a final thank you goes out to Tanya and her lovely mother, Lisa, for picking us up in San Francisco and helping us make the best out of a crappy situation during a 10-hour layover. We are so grateful for the hospitality we have been shown.

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On Leaving My Job

Nursing is a profession I have felt called to ever since I can remember. Simply put, I have just always wanted to be a nurse. Sometimes I unwillingly allow myself to feel intimidated by staff with higher credentials, i.e. Physicians and Practitioners. I often have to gently remind myself that this is the profession I chose. I did not choose to not “go further” in my education because I was lazy or thought I wasn’t smart enough. No, I simply wanted to be at the bedside, doing direct patient care. Taking care of and loving on people. It’s what I know I’m supposed to be doing.

Image source: scrubsmag.mindovermediallc.net
Image source: scrubsmag.mindovermediallc.net

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T-minus one month and counting!

Let the celebrations begin! At 6:45 this morning while Kaylee and I were both still fast asleep, or at least lying awake hoping the cat would calm down and let us get 15 more minutes, we began the official countdown.

With only one month left until we leave, we still have a lot to get done. Over the past month we have moved out of our apartment and into Kaylee’s parent’s house an hour north of town. Adjusting to country life has been pretty easy, and encourages us to stay focused on saving for our trip as well as getting packing in order.

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50 Days and My Thoughts


With only 50 days left until we leave for The Big Trip, we are experiencing so many emotions all at once. There is still so much to do, and time just seems to escape from us. The year of planning–where did it go?! Our friends and family frequently ask us: “Are you getting excited?” or “Aren’t you a tad bit nervous?”…. Well, of course! It’s hard to answer how I’m feeling right now, but here goes:

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