A Slice of Paradise

I frequently get asked by friends where my favorite place I traveled to has been. I would first like to say that this is an almost impossible question to answer. Every place is different, and every destination has special memories attached to it. Just being immersed in a new culture is an enjoyable experience for me.

However, there are a few places that I revisit time and time again in my mind and think, “Wow, that was just an incredible day.” One of those places that keep creeping up would be a tiny Greek Island named Mykonos. Well known enough to get plenty of traffic during peak season, yet not quite as touristy as the famed island of Santorini, Mykonos packs plenty of charm on its own. The island still boasts the iconic white stucco houses with bright blue trim, yet feels quaint enough to stay for a while (or forever).

We unfortunately only had one day in Mykonos and it was certainly not enough. It’s easy to fall privy to the laid back lifestyle of the locals and the pristine beaches that make you want to prop your feet up, read a good book, and never leave. It’s also easy to find some adventure of the island if you are a thrill seeker. We were lucky enough to do both.

When we arrived in Mykonos we had not a clue as to how we would spend the day. I had read in a guide book that renting an ATV is an option and when I saw those fun hills with stellar views of the Mediterranean, I know we couldn’t resist. 35 USD will get ya a full day on an ATV with a tiny map to explore at your heart’s desire. And if you lose your map, well, you’re on an Island so how lost can you truly get? Robert and I took turns driving at first but then I let him take over because 1) he might be a better driver than I (though I’m never admitting that to him) and 2) it was way more fun to be in the back taking pictures and swooning over those incredible views!

We had an amazing day riding all over, up and down hills, along the crystal blue water, past beautiful houses and  pit-stopping at amazing beaches. And, we only got stuck on a hill once. This resulted in me having to PUSH, yes push, the stupid ATV up the hill. While somewhat scared that it might come rolling back down on me and I would be one with the fishies of the sea, it gave me a great story. And, the way I look at it, if I’m gonna have to do manual labor while on vacation, it might as well be in paradise 🙂