Sunburned in Finland

In my honest opinion, two of the three above words should not go in the same sentence. Finland is so far north, so far away from the equator, that it seems virtually impossible to get a sunburn in that country. Leave it up to my fairer-than-fair skin to attract all the sunlight. At the end of the day we started telling folks that we brought the sunshine from Florida.

Our (ironically) sunny day spent in Helsinki, Finland was quite fun actually. I know many people do not have any interest in visiting this city, but I’ll be the first to them they are missing out on a fantastic city filled with culture and style. We began our day by catching the tram into the city. This was quite the undertaking as we do not speak nor read Finnish and that was basically all we had to go off of. We somehow managed to buy a ticket and find our way on the right tram (nothing short of a miracle!). 

We made it into the city center and took a stroll down Esplanadi, a great street filled with fun shops and restaurants. Can I just say that 1) Finnish people are beautiful and 2) They have some outrageously fantastic styles. We didn’t get to spend much time in the design district, but from what I could see it was pretty nifty. After walking for what seemed like 98 miles, we grabbed some coffee and decided to pretend to be Finnish by sitting on a bench at a busy park and people-watching. We watched confused tourists walk by and we pretended like we knew it all. Had them fooled… 

The majority of our day we spent exploring the lovely and intriguing Suomenlinna, an inhabited sea fortress. The island has a lot of interesting history behind it that I won’t bore you with because I realize not everyone really cares about history as much as I do. However, I will tell you that we did somehow get lost on this Island. It was hot. Our bag was heavy. My feet were so over cobblestone at this point that I seriously debated cutting my own feet off so I could get wheeled back into the city. I felt like Piggy from Lord of the Flies. I was hoping that my next move was not to kill my beloved husband (just kidding). At one point we just plopped ourselves down on the ground and laughed our heads off, mainly because we were lost on an old Finnish sea fortress on our honeymoon and the only real thing we could do at that point was to laugh hysterically. I have never felt so sweaty and exhausted yet free and beautiful all at the same time. It was awesome. 

Here are some of my favorite Helsinki pics: