T-minus one month and counting!

Let the celebrations begin! At 6:45 this morning while Kaylee and I were both still fast asleep, or at least lying awake hoping the cat would calm down and let us get 15 more minutes, we began the official countdown.

With only one month left until we leave, we still have a lot to get done. Over the past month we have moved out of our apartment and into Kaylee’s parent’s house an hour north of town. Adjusting to country life has been pretty easy, and encourages us to stay focused on saving for our trip as well as getting packing in order.

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Two and a Half Months: To Do

With only 73 days left until we leave for our Big Trip we sure do have A LOT to do! I’ve never been one for crafting up a list…. mostly because seeing everything I have to do makes me feel a wee bit stressed! Thanks to Robert for being so thorough and compiling this crazy list.

To Do 2.5

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Biking the Temples of Angkor

The Temples of Angkor had been on our bucket list for quite a while. Really, the place is just darn cool. It’s super old, super big, and super mysterious. The Angkor complex is located right outside of Siem Reap, Cambodia. It is a world-famous UNESCO Heritage site with ancient religious complexes from the Khmer Empire dating back to the 9th-15th century.

We unfortunately only spent one full day touring the temples, which only gave us enough time to appreciate the three most famous ones.  They were certainly impressive, though we would have enjoyed checking out some of the lesser known temples and beating the crowds. Along with Angkor Wat, we also visited Tha Prom, The Elephant Terrace and the Bayon.

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