What’s it Really Like to Overland Africa?

I realized that I never shared our experience through Africa, and that is such a shame because it was one of our favorite places. This post is heavy on words and light on photos, but I hope you will still enjoy it. It’s quite long, so grab a comfy chair and a coffee, and read all about what is was like for us to  take an overland trip through Africa.

We spent 5 weeks traveling though East and Southern Africa. Most of the nights were spent tent camping with our group. We travelled a whole lot of miles in a big yellow truck and passed through seven countries: Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Botswana. We spent the majority of our time in Tanzania and Zimbabwe, and other countries we just passed though.

So, What’s it Really Like to Overland Africa?

Taking an Overland trip through Africa was the perfect way for us to experience a piece of the huge continent while on a budget. Like so much of our Big Trip, we really had no idea what to expect once we boarded the airplane and landed in Nairobi. The little we did know came from a small collection of blog posts that I obsessively googled before we left, and the 30-page document that the company sent that outlined the trip.

Based on what I had read, I was excited but also slightly concerned. We would be spending 35-days camping with strangers. Would we have anything in common with these people? What if they were really strange? How many people would be on our trip? Would they be hardcore campers that set their tent up in 2-minutes and looked down upon newbies? What would the food be like? Would it be enough?

Marangu, Tanzania. The foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro

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