Our Favorite New Zealand Wildlife Encounters

In New Zealand it seems that you are never far off from a wildlife encounter. While New Zealand has no native land mammals (besides two species of bats, which I don’t count because they fly), it has more than enough birds and sea animals to make up for it. The lack of native land mammals is actually pretty cool…. there are no predators for humans. While over in neighboring Australia it seems that everything is out to eat you or sting you, New Zealand only has animals whose greatest threats are humans.

One of our favorite hikes in NZ... we saw seals and dolphins and the scenery was just stunning.
One of our favorite hikes in NZ… we saw seals and dolphins and the scenery was just stunning.

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Hong Kong and Taiwan: Wrap Up

Geez, it feels like forever ago that we immersed ourselves in the unique cultures of Hong Kong and Taiwan. I think it’s safe to say that these two places are like China-lite. I have heard that travel in mainland China is one of the most challenging types of travel; English is not commonly spoken and customs and cultures are very different than what we westerners are used to. The western influence hasn’t quite reached China like it has the rest of the world. Sound like an intimidating and maybe fun challenge…?!

Our original plan was to head over to Hong Kong in order to apply for Chinese visas. It is quite a difficult and tedious process for Americans to get visas to enter  mainland China. China was also experiencing a cold front with freezing temperatures, and we just didn’t have the clothes for that. The difficulty and overpriced visas combined with the freezing cold temperatures made us change our mind about entering China.

Hong Kong park
Hong Kong park

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Oh, We Have a Blog?

We seemed to have forgotten that we manage a blog to keep our devoted readers (all three of you) up to date on our lives and where we currently are in the world.

Fear not fellow friends, because we are back in the land of decent wifi and might actually be able to post more frequently. But first, let’s get you caught up on our latest travel adventures.

Beautiful Mai Tai Bay in the North Island, NZ
Beautiful Mai Tai Bay in the North Island, NZ

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All That and Dim Sum

One thing you may not know about me is that dim sum is one of my favorite foods, ever. It is such a shame because I think there is only one place that sells it back home and it doesn’t even taste good.

So, you can imagine my delight when I realized that I was heading to Hong Kong, the dim sum capital of the world! Robert and I soon made it our mission to gorge ourselves silly on those cute little dumplings until the cravings went away (note: they never go away).

a dim sum sampler plate
a dim sum sampler plate

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