Three Months In and What Life is Like

We can hardly believe that we have been living a nomadic lifestyle for three months now. It seems like forever ago that our first plane touched down in New Zealand and we hit the ground running. Ironically, exactly three months later, we find ourselves back in this beloved first country of our trip, with a cute little van and a whole lot of wide open spaces to explore. It almost seems as if nothing has changed in those three months.

But who are we fooling? A whole lot has changed.

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Budget Recap: Bali, Indonesia

Please note: this post was drafted before we uprooted our plans and decided not to spend the five months in SE Asia.


Out of the familiar and into the unknown, we left the comforts (and relative price tag) of the western world and ventured into Bali. We have been to Asia before and were pleased with how strong the dollar was, so naturally we planned on spending the majority of our time again in the world of cheep beers and food. Bali is the place where serious budget backpackers compete with guests of $8000 per night hotels for taxis. We are somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. Okay, who are we kidding, we are totally at the lower end!

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The Philippines: Wrap Up

We spent a total of 12 days in the Philippines. This destination came came highly recommended by many friends and we were looking forward to seeing what it had to offer. We wanted to experience El Nido before the developers come in and rip the island’s soul out (sorry, does that sound too harsh?). It’s a good thing we went when we did, because this little paradise won’t be the same even in 2 years from now. They were already building a resort right next to our humble guesthouse and widening the road. Sad, sad, sad.

We spent almost all of our time in Palawan, with the real gem being El Nido. There are plenty of islands to chose from when picking a destination in the Philippines, but ours was made easily since as we were meeting a friend! Of course, seeing a friendly face and being welcomed with big fat hugs also made our experience totally unforgettable and more meaningful.

Friends make everything better!
Friends make everything better!

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