On Leaving My Job

Nursing is a profession I have felt called to ever since I can remember. Simply put, I have just always wanted to be a nurse. Sometimes I unwillingly allow myself to feel intimidated by staff with higher credentials, i.e. Physicians and Practitioners. I often have to gently remind myself that this is the profession I chose. I did not choose to not “go further” in my education because I was lazy or thought I wasn’t smart enough. No, I simply wanted to be at the bedside, doing direct patient care. Taking care of and loving on people. It’s what I know I’m supposed to be doing.

Image source: scrubsmag.mindovermediallc.net
Image source: scrubsmag.mindovermediallc.net

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T-minus one month and counting!

Let the celebrations begin! At 6:45 this morning while Kaylee and I were both still fast asleep, or at least lying awake hoping the cat would calm down and let us get 15 more minutes, we began the official countdown.

With only one month left until we leave, we still have a lot to get done. Over the past month we have moved out of our apartment and into Kaylee’s parent’s house an hour north of town. Adjusting to country life has been pretty easy, and encourages us to stay focused on saving for our trip as well as getting packing in order.

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