Frequently Asked Questions


Since announcing our upcoming life changes to friends and family, we have noticed that a few of the same questions keep popping up. We don’t blame you, we asked ourselves similar things. Here are some of our frequently asked questions pertaining to our RTW (round the world) trip:

1. So, how long do you plan on being vagabonds?
Forever! JK, our bank account would never allow that. We’re only going to travel for as long as our funds let us, and that is pretty limited. Our estimated time frame is around 9 months. That seems like a long time, but in the grand scheme of things it really isn’t much time at all!

2. Okay, are you trust fund kids? How can one even afford a trip like this?
Nope, we aren’t trust fund kids (although that would be nice). Nope, we aren’t getting help from our families. Nope, we aren’t even rich. We are just blessed with great jobs, we save a lot of money, and aren’t currently in any debt.   We have placed Kaylee’s paycheck directly into savings and lived off of Robert’s alone for two years. We have set a budget, created a timeline for reaching it, and plan to leave as soon as we can afford to. We also plan on traveling mostly in developing countries, where those precious dollars can be stretched even further.

3. How much money does a trip like this even cost?!
The bold question, that few dare to ask but most are thinking. This was probably our most intriguing question when we first came up with this crazy idea. After reading numerous blogs about couples who have done their own RTW trips, we finally settled on a finite figure. We plan on spending $100USD/day to cover the both of us. Some days we will exceed this, some days we won’t reach it (we hope). We’re assuming it will all even out in the end. And if it doesn’t, well we’ll just come home early!

4. Speaking of home, what are you doing about all your things AT home?
Well, there are a lot of answers to this question. The most important thing to mention is that Kaylee’s parents are being beyond supportive of their favorite daughter and son-in-law. Without our families blessing, it would be hard (if not impossible) to leave. Kaylee’s parents have graciously agreed to help out as much as possible. This includes pet-sitting our amazingly cute cat and letting us crash there a month before we leave. Also, we rent (as opposed to owning) our apartment from Kaylee’s grandma we have found the perfect tenant to sub-lease the apartment fully furnished, meaning we can leave most of our belongings there. One of our vehicles will also be leased to a friend. The other will be stored at Kaylee’s parents house.

5. That sounds fun and all, but what if something bad happens like getting Ebola in Africa, or eaten by a dingo in Australia?
Don’t worry, we’re not letting *all* of our adult responsibilities fall by the wayside. Plus, with Kaylee being a nurse, we’re gonna be as prepared as we can be for any ailment. We plan on carrying traveler’s insurance and using our good judgement. If something becomes too unbearable, there’s always a way to come back home. We plan on having enough funds saved up to make it back to America at any given time.

There is a lot to consider when taking a journey like this. What are some more questions you have? You  can leave them in the comment section below.



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