Saigon From the Back of a Bike

“Beep Beep! Beeeeeep Beeeeeep HONK!!”

Welcome to Chaos

The sights and sounds of Siagon as we left the airport threw us immediately into the fast-paced vibe of the city. Motorbikes whizzing by, business folks wearing face-masks and talking on cellphones while running through speeding traffic, vendors sweeping the floors of their stalls while selling gifts for Tet. Each of these well-oiled gears run smoothly amongst one another and can only be described as organized chaos.

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Hanging Out in Hoi An

We immensely enjoyed our retreat spent in Hoi An, a small little town along the coast of central Vietnam. We call it a retreat because the sleepiness of the town was a warm welcome after dodging motorbikes and swarms of tourists in Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok. We spent the longest length of time in Hoi An, with 4 wonderful nights relaxing and recuperating from the previous chaos.

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Road Trippin’ the Emerald Isle

One day when I was at work I recieved a text from Robert that said something along the lines of “I really want to go to Ireland and I almost just booked the airfare on a whim and let the rest work itself out”. While I am all for some spontaneity, I do consider myself a somewhat responsible person and could not just abandon my babies at work. So, we compromised. We agreed that in the offset chance that I could switch enough days around at work in such a short period of time then we would go. Just do it and not think twice. Thankfully, a few angels in my unit made this happen and the next thing I knew we were booking airline tickets for an international trip that was happening in only 6 short weeks.

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