It’s been a while….

And by a while, I mean one whole year. In my perfect world, I am a great blogger. I write witty posts filled with wisdom and humor. I stay inspired and blog more than once a year. But, life happens and I lose my motivation to write my thoughts and publish them to the internet.

Robert and I have taken so many fun trips over the past year, and we have some good ones planned. A big one planned. An even bigger life decision in the works. I would hate for all of these things to be only a vague memory that I can hardly revisit in time, the clarity of it all only getting more and more washed out as the days go on. Life if so busy, and too often I take for granted all of the experiences I’ve been afforded thus far. When I look back and read the few posts I have made I feel so glad that they have been recorded. The words and pictures take me back to some of my best memories with the people I love.

So, since I’m feeling inspired again, I hope to record some more of my favorite memories in life. One day I hope to look back and read this blog and think that I’ve really made the most out of the time I’ve been given.