The Brats Tour

If it were up to my husband, our entire trip would have been a food tour of northern Europe (oh wait, that’s basically what it was). I know that when he’s snuggled up next to me sound asleep he’s dreaming sweet dreams of him and Anthony Bourdain being best buds and eating and drinking their way around the world. While we were in Germany he took on what we now refer to as the Brats Challenge. This challenge consists of eating as many local bratwurst as possible within a few hours. He did pretty good, putting down 4 in the matter of a 4 hours. This was all fun and games until we had an hour and half ride back to our port, in a cramped, crowded, smelly, warm train. I’m pretty sure he was regretting his decision of indulgence when his stomach starting digesting all that meat and it had nowhere to go…. 

I truly thought he joking when he nonchalantly stated that he was going to eat as many bratwurts as possible until either 1) we ran our of euros or 2) he physically could not eat any more. I was very happy that I was able to purchase an adorable scarf before he started buying sausages with our dwindling cash flow (most of those hole-in-the-wall stands don’t take plastic). I did indulge with him and tried local specialty: curried brats. It had an interesting flavor, but I think Robert enjoyed it more than I did. 

We spent half of the day touring Rostock, an adorable industrial german town boasting a cathedral that houses an awesome astronomical clock. I love clocks, especially astronomical ones…. They are so cool! We then took the train to the historic town of Schwerin, where my fairytale castle lives (I talked about it in an earlier post). We did some shopping, eating, and exploring before we headed back to Rostock, where our ship was docked.

Here are some random pictures from our day in Germany:




By the end of the day, he was so stuffed that we had to relax (i.e. take short nap in grass) at a park before we could continue. Ah, the perks of married life. 

xoxo Kaylee




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